Welcome to Children's Charities Tennis Classic!

A Charity Tennis Tournament Running for over 40 years
in New Britain CT

Our 43rd annual tournament will be held August 7 & 8 at the New Britain High School Tennis Courts.
There will be several divisions with kids through adults competing from throughout the region to help raise money and awareness for autism.


This year we will have 12 different divisions. We are introducing A and B categories for the 1st time.
A divisions are meant for experienced/varsity players. B divisions are for recreational/jv players.

Singles (experienced)

  • Boys Open A (Ages 18 & Under)
  • Girls Open A (Ages 18 & Under)
  • Grand Masters (Men's Singles 19-25)
  • Men Open Singles A (Age 26+)
  • Women Open Singles A (age 19+)
  • Singles (recreational)

  • Boys Open B (Ages 18 & Under)
  • Girls Open B (Ages 18 & Under)
  • Men Open Singles B (Age 19+)
  • Women Open Singles B (age 19+)
  • Doubles

  • Family Doubles (one player must be 18 & under)
  • 18 & Under Open Doubles (M/W/Mixed)
  • Adult Open Doubles (M/W/Mixed)
  • Registration

    Click here for the Registration Form

    Please make ck or money order payable to: “Hospital For Special Care Foundation” and mail to:

    Hubert Bis, CCTC 2021
    431 Churchill Dr
    Newington CT 06111

    You can also e-mail your entry form to: hubbis94@gmail.com

    Requested Entry Fee

    $20 for singles and $30 per doubles team.

    Deadline date for entry

    Saturday July 31.

    Tournament Dates

    Saturday August 7 and Sunday afternoon August 8.

    Our Mission

    We, the Children’s Charities Tennis Classic, have made it our goal over these past four decades to make life better for young people. Over these four decades, we have raised just over $170,000 for various pediatric programs and projects here in New Britain!

    The 43rd Annual Children’s Charities Tennis Classic is proud to, once again, designate the Pediatric Autism Unit as our recipient this year. Our donations will be given specifically to the Harper Autism Fund, which provides needed items for the Autism Unit. I am so glad that we can continue to help these young people on the autism spectrum and to be able to support a staff that is dedicated to betterment of young people’s lives.

    This newly constructed Unit is a gift for these young patients on the spectrum. Struggling with a disease that is difficult to deal with, these young people struggle within themselves emotionally and behaviorally, needing specialized support and care that only certain trained professionals can offer and give. We are so fortunate, not only to have a Unit that is nationally known right here in New Britain, but also to have a widely respected and highly specialized -trained staff that is able, and determined, to help these young people through this difficult journey. Although there is no known cure for Autism, intensive, early treatment can make a big difference in the lives of many children. Those who work in this Unit are determined to bring light to a child struggling within the darkness of this dreaded disorder.

    So, I sincerely ask for your support. I fully realize that you receive many requests from charities, and all of which are good and deserving. However, I ask you to please consider partnering with me this year, as we continue to build the bridge of light and hope for these special young people on the autism spectrum.

    Don Lukowski
    Founder and Chair


    If you would like to make a donation towards our cause, please feel free to mail your check or money order made payable to "Hospital For Special Care Foundation" to

    Hubert Bis, CCTC 2021
    431 Churchill Dr
    Newington CT 06111

    Contact Us

    • Email
    • For questions email hubbis94@gmail.com